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7 reasons to give handmade scented soy candles as a gift

Let's face it, finding the right gift for your loved one is always daunting. It usually takes plenty of thought and time to come up with a perfect gift, no matter who is on the receiving end.

But here is the great news: a candle gift set is a great solution and a crowd-pleaser!

Reasons to give handmade scented soy candle as a gift

So, what makes a scented soy candle the perfect gift?

Woman giving scented soy candles as a gift
Giving scented soy candles as a gift

1. A versatile gift option.

A candle gift set matches every event in a thoughtful and elegant way: birthdays, housewarming parties, weddings, a co-worker farewell celebration, a Mother’s Day lunch, you choose! You can even make it personalized by adding a handwritten note, which here at Botanica Idea we would be happy to do on your behalf!

2. Scented soy candles are long-lasting.

Even though high-quality scented soy candles can be more expensive than mass-produced paraffin candles, they are the most eco-friendly and long-lasting option. Soy wax candles burn around 50% longer than paraffin wax. Consequently, the receiver can easily enjoy a scented soy candle for a long time.

3. Scented soy candle offers cleaner burning.

This is maybe the most important factor to consider. Plant-based waxes, like soy, can offer a more natural approach and a cleaner burn. It means these are less likely to trigger any kind of allergic reaction, thus making it safe to gift anyone.

Look for candle companies committed to transparency, quality, and sustainability, and your gift will be a success not only for your loved one, but also for the planet!

4. A scented soy candle can create a unique ambiance.

A scented soy candle with wooden wick can produce a lovely ambiance that can't be compared. Burning a candle can be a one-way ticket to a calmer, more relaxed state of mind.

Therefore, what better than offering your loved ones the possibility to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere in their own homes?

5. A great eco-friendly choice.

Another reason to choose a scented soy candle as a gift is environmental concerns. Give your loved one the option to replace plastic, toxin-heavy products with cleaner and healthier versions. Scented soy candles are a thoughtful gift for more conscious users, looking to move away from petroleum-based (paraffin) candles.

6. A soy candle won't create any mess.

Besides generating less soot than paraffin candles, which means no black stains on walls or furniture, spills from soy wax candles are very easy to clean. All you need to do is to soak the spot with hot water, and wipe away the wax with a dry cloth.

7. Let the receiver know you care about them.

The act of giving a gift is a gesture of affection. A thoughtful gift can improve a relationship, make someone smile, and let them know you care.

Therefore, the act of gift-giving should fulfill you, not stress you. Candle gift sets may be the simple, stress-free gifting solution you need. A nice scented soy candle is a timeless gift for anyone, a gender-neutral option that can fit into any home style, and that can help improve anyone’s mood. It is the perfect physical token you are looking for to celebrate an important moment or milestone.

Our best soy candle gift set recommendations:

Below are some of our most loved gift sets.

Soy Candle 400g + Reed diffuser

A charming gift set containing one large candle in an elegant amber jar, plus one reed diffuser in a stylish black bottle with charming rose gold cap and black fiber reeds. It is the perfect gif set for fragrance lovers, and a conversation starter in any setting.

Three Soy Candles 150g, 200g, and 400g

Three scented soy candles in different jars for the stylish people in your life. Once finished, each container can be easily cleaned and repurposed.

Four Soy Candles 150g

A candle in every room? Yes, please! Let the receiver enjoy the mood-lifting benefits of soy candles everywhere they go. Plus, sustainable packaging will make your gift even more amazing.

Looking for a last minute gift to someone special?

Not a problem! Here at Botanica Idea you can send an eGift Card via e-mail immediately. That way, the person you love can choose from our amazing selection of fragrances.

Final Verdict

Overall, a high-quality scented candle made with soy wax can make a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion!

Credits: Woman gift photo created by drobotdean


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